Price Guide

Price Guide 2017

General articles, writing for newspapers, magazines, company newsletters
Up to 250 words
Up to 500 words
Up to 750 words
Up to 1000 words
Up to 1500 words
Up to 2500 words
Research time
£12.50 per hour
Blogging and Social Media
Setting up a new blog site
Writing a blog article
Setting up Facebook or Twitter accounts
Running Facebook or Twitter accounts
£8 per hour
Broadcast Journalism
Advertising slogans and campaigns
Research time
£12.50 per hour
Straplines / Slogans
POA depending on the project
£12.50 per hour
Company representation
General press enquiries
£12.50 per hour
£10 per interview
Press releases
£15 per 100 words


The client agrees to pay for all reasonable expenses up to a maximum value of £75 per assignment. Should any expenses occurred be of a greater value (i.e. if overnight accommodation etc. is required) then an agreement will be made in advance between the client and 164 Ltd.

Please note: VAT will be charged on all invoices at 20%


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